Silicon Valley Rising

No matter where we come from or how we make a living, we all need a home to raise our families.

New research shows that Google's San Jose campus will hit renting families with a $235 million yearly rent hike — unless the tech giant creates the 5,284 affordable homes and 12,450 market rate units needed to offset its impacts and prevent even more displacement, overcrowding, and super-commutes.

Google has a choice: hit renters with a $235 million rent hike, or create enough homes to develop without displacement

Big tech corporations shouldn't be driving up rents and pushing people out of their homes. It's time for a new approach to inclusive tech development, where all families — white, black, brown, and Asian — have the freedom to stay and thrive in the communities we've built.

If Google wants to build a new mega-campus in San Jose, it must value our diverse communities, not break them apart. 

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