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San José Fair Elections Initiative

Democracy is built on the idea that we all have an equal voice in our government. Yet wealthy corporate interests have tilted our elections in their favor, giving disproportionate influence to large developers, landlords, city contractors, and their lobbyists.

The Fair Elections Initiative can change that and reform elections in San Jose. The initiative is designed to limit the influence of special interests in politics and increase voter turnout in mayoral elections.

It will stop these special interests contributing to mayoral and city council campaigns, removing their financial hold over local democracy.

And will increase voter participation by moving the city's mayoral elections to presidential election years when more people — especially young voters, women, and people of color — cast a ballot.

Studies have shown voter turnout in California cities in which mayoral elections coincide with presidential elections is more than double that of cities where elections are outside of presidential election cycles.

Want to get involved? If you're interested in volunteering and helping this initiative become law, sign up to become a Fair Elections volunteer and we'll be in touch with how you can help.